What Have We Been Working On?

Musical News Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Things have been silent from this front for a while, but not for lack of things to share. Wondering what Feste Burg will sound like? Check the first samples right here:*

Salve Regina


If you don’t see the audio players above, look at the original post on eptaastera.com and there they shall be.

*Warning: does not constitute a representative sample. Stay tuned for more as they become available.

5 Responses to “What Have We Been Working On?”

  1. Lee Says:

    hope to hear the full songs soon :)

  2. Luigi Arian Babazadeh Says:

    Really good job.

  3. Hans-Peter Grandel Says:

    Well, not bad – creates a great atmosphere.

  4. |m|_EPICA_|m| Says:

    Fantastic. Can’t wait to hear more.

  5. Folkemon Says:


    I accidentally stumbled on your website, so far, I am pretty impressed of your work and want to thank you for making your music available to everybody. But I think that I have a really important suggestion for you: rename your newest work. My native language is German and so I know that “Festes Burg” is not correct, it should be “Feste Burg” without the s. Trust me or google the phrase and you’ll see which one gets more hits. Bye!

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