Musical News Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Hello all,
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability for download of Epta Astera’s first full-length album, SALIGIA. Clocking in at just over 50 minutes over seven songs, SALIGIA is a major step forward from Ero Cras, both in terms of production and creativity. It can be downloaded and previewed from its page, or downloaded all at once in handy ZIP format (192k MP3, 69.3 MB). FLACs are forthcoming and shall be available in the next few days.


4 Responses to “SALIGIA OUT NOW”

  1. Paulo Roberto Says:

    Adorei o album!!! Fantastico e incrivel!!!!! Congratulations!!! Amazing!!!!!

  2. Vítor Vieira Says:

    It’s an amazing album, and should i say that making it acessible for all, by download, it’s something we must eulogize.

    Thanks for your music.

  3. Jéfte Sinistro Says:

    O álbum está realmente fantástico! Ainda melhor que o primeiro álbum – “Ero Cras”. Tanto a produção quanto a musicalidade são impecáveis! São raríssimas as bandas, em especial no meio cristão, que fazem músicas tão bem dentro desse estilo. Meus parabéns e minha admiração pelo belíssimo trabalho!

    The album is really fantastic! Is yet better than the first album “Ero Cras”. The production and the musicality are impeccable! Good bands playing that musical genre, in special christian bands, are rarely found. Your work on “Epta Astera” is just great! Congratulations and greetings from Brazil!

  4. Jéfte Sinistro Says:

    Well, I forgot to say this in the previous comment:
    Also awesome is the atittude of sharing this with all, making your music avaliable to free download. I really appreciate this! Sucess and God bless…

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